Thursday, June 25, 2009

International Air Freight Forwarding

Selecting the most cost-effective mode of transport—scheduled air, cargo carrier, or chartered aircraft—can be a resource draining effort if it is not your area of expertise. NNR manages the delivery of air cargo to locations worldwide so that you don’t have to. Having mastered the complexities of air freight operations, aided by a state-of-the-art communications infrastructure, we have earned a reputation for consistent reliability. But it is our ability to manage the delivery of complex and unusual cargo, including dangerous and/or perishable goods and courier-accompanied shipments, to some of the most difficult regions of the world, that has made NNR the preferred vendor for many highly respected corporations, government agencies and international organizations. NNR GLOBAL LOGISTICS PAKISTAN’ commitment to follow-up and follow-through on every shipment, begins when you place your service order. Within two hours, we send you a pre-alert confirmation package that indicates your shipments travel plans from start to finish. Once in route, you will automatically receive electronic confirmation of pickup, loading, and delivery; and should any of the shipping details change, we will automaticall

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